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    • CONDE EN NORMANDIE (14110)
  • 650,000 €
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  • Ref. : 4021
  • Surface : 1000 m²
  • Surface : 51 ha
  • rooms : 14
      Ref. 4021: 18th century CHATEAU and ENCLOSED PARK of 126 acres TO BE RESTORED IN NORMANDY

      The property is located in Normandy in the department of Orne, in the country of the Flérien bocage, in the very heart of the mythical Suisse Normande. In a generously wooded setting, with a few wild meadows, stands an elegant 18th century château, a benevolent chapel and a few secondary buildings… "Out of time" because preserved from all nuisances, La Poupelière takes its respectable advantages to modern civilisation, but retains all its soul and tranquillity from its location "out of space". Supplied for the most part by the neighbouring village and a few leagues from dynamic medium-sized towns, this domain acquires a status that is very open to the most ambitious private projects, events or leisure activities.

      The main body of the castle was built in 1760 by a man named Guy-François de Gouidec. Following alliances, the property fell into the hands of the Velay family who, forced by the birth of numerous children, decided to add the west wing in the 19th century.
      The property was finally sold around 1990 to a certain John Palmer, a wealthy British man with ambitions, who then created a top-of-the-range leisure domain. The property was enriched with an 18-hole golf course, 2 tennis courts, a swimming pool with pool house, a reception structure with 25 equipped bungalows, a car park ... all in the middle of a structured park of 126 acres enclosed by a fence.
      The story was beautiful for 15 years until the murder of the owner, then recognized and sought by all the police forces for mafia-related offences, making him the number one swindler nicknamed "Goldfinger". The property is then abandoned, nature reclaims its rights and the very hypothetical suspicion that a treasure has been hidden there gives rise to a "gold rush" with devastating consequences for the place. A veritable plundering took place in the midst of general indifference, leaving a desolate spectacle today.
      Put up for sale by judicial liquidation last August, the property quickly found a buyer, professionally experienced in the restoration of large buildings. The parallel completion of another project closer to his home forced him to make a rational choice, which led him to pass on the torch.

      In its heyday, the castle had a living area of around 1000 sqm spread over 4 levels, including cellar and attic. Cellar in the basement with boiler room.
      Ground floor: entrance, monumental reception room, lounge, 5 rooms, 2 shower rooms, one with toilet.
      First floor: 10 bedrooms, 3 shower rooms
      Second floor: attic space, partly convertible
      Not far from the castle stands a superb chapel with capitals inside, vaults and sculpted windows overhung by a carved oak framework, supporting a bell tower in the form of a belvedere. Fine stained glass windows adorned the large pointed openings.
      Further away was the sports and relaxation centre with a large swimming pool and two "quick" tennis courts.
      A pool house with an orangery feel probably welcomed the thirsty and sold the many attractions on offer.
      One of them was of course its 18-hole golf course, beautifully spread out over the 128 acres of the estate.
      Designed for events, the property had to offer a complete service, which took shape with the installation of 25 fully equipped wooden chalets. The offer thus became rich in interest for a clientele looking for sport, relaxation and well-being in a sumptuous historical setting, in the middle of nowhere.
      The magic could work!
      2 other outbuildings, one of which was used as a home, could suggest the presence of a steward in charge of maintenance, surveillance and security.

      The more beautiful the past, the sadder the present...
      The property has suffered 15 years of total abandonment, leaving it open to widespread looting; much malice and inconsistent behaviour have led to the almost systematic deterioration of every space.
      Stripped of a large part of the interior fittings, the castle has fortunately retained a set of masonry structures. A protection of the damaged parts of the roof must be done.
      There is therefore every reason to believe that the future is in the hands of a wealthy enthusiast with great powers of projection and a good dose of courage and self-sacrifice. Isn't life a permanent madness?

      The land is composed of an entity of approximately 126 acres, largely in one piece,
      bounded by 2 departmental roads with no traffic. 2 parcels are located outside the city limits.
      The property is accessible via two separate entrances located on each road. The main entrance leads the visitor along a long (lit) driveway to an ex-parking area.
      The land is flat throughout, alternating between wooded areas and clearings for golfing purposes.
      The vegetation has largely taken over, to the point of being an ideal habitat for roe deer and wild boar, which cohabit here in peace, clearly taking advantage of the few visible gaps in the existing light fencing (1.80m), in case of alarm.
      Apart from coppice and scrub, many tree species are present (chestnut, Douglas fir, hornbeam, eucaliptus...) arranged in the English style.
      A pond of approx. 4,000 sqm remains at the bottom of the park, the only identified watering place on the property.
      No easement, no visual, olfactory or sound nuisance disturbs the hidden beauty of the site.

      The property has exceptional potential for events such as guest rooms, weddings, and sporting activities ....or simply a hunting park.
      Perhaps this mysterious place will welcome a large family in search of a dream?

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