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Manors For sale France

For Sale Tours (37)
12 Rooms

1 450 000 €

Elegant mansion at the gateway of Tours

Ref. 3235 18th century mansion for sale near ToursSet in its natural setting, this elegant property benefits from its immediate proximity to Tours. It is situated minutes away from...

For Sale Vannes (56)
18 Rooms

1 385 000 €

Beautiful Breton manor for sale near Vannes.

Ref.3532: Manor house for sale in Brittany, near Vannes.This manor is located at the exit of a village in the vicinity of Vannes. Local shops are within walking distance.VANNES at 35...

For Sale Angers (49)
7 Rooms

1 250 000 €

Large 15th C. historic manor at the gates of Angers

 Ref. 3507 Large historic manor for sale at the gates of Angers This property is located at the gates of the city of Angers, prefecture of Maine et Loire. This city is very pleasant...

For Sale Lannion (22)
10 Rooms

1 248 000 €

Beautiful manor in Brittany

Ref.3080 : French house for sale near sea, pink granite coast.This 16th and 18th century manor house is sheltered by big walls, in a village of the Côtes d' Armor with shops and services....

For Sale Flers (61)
7 Rooms

995 000 €

Beautiful french manor house fro sale in Lower Normandy.

 Ref.3372 : French house for sale in Normandy. Located at the crossroads of Orne, Calvados and Manche department, in the heart of the "Suisse Normande", this property dated from the...

For Sale Rouen (76)
12 Rooms

890 000 €

Beautiful manor for sale in Normandy.

Ref.3004. french chateau for sale in Normandy.The property is situated in an unspoilt environment, outside a village with shops and services and only 5 miles away from the historical...

For Sale Dreux (28)
14 Rooms

835 000 €

Atypical manor house for sale in Normandy.

Ref.3354 : French property for sale in Normandy.Located at about 100 km from Paris toward Brittany and Normandy, this surprising house built around 1850 was an luxurious hotel before...

For Sale Giverny (27)
11 Rooms

780 000 €

Superb manor house for sale in Normandy.

Ref.3402 : French manor house for sale 70 km away from Paris.Dated from the end of the 16th century, this beautiful traditional manor house with its rubble stones, bricks and tiles,...

For Sale Tours (37)
11 Rooms

750 000 €

Beautiful medieval chateau in Southern Touraine

Ref. 2500 Beautiful mediaval chateau for sale in Southern TouraineSet on a hillside this beautiful historical château overlooks the Vienne valley. Easily reachable from Paris either...

For Sale Chinon (37)
14 Rooms

703 000 €

Charming manor in Touraine

 Ref. 3159: French property for sale at 60km from Tours Built in a dominant position, the manor benefits from a beautiful view over the surrounding countryside. There is a large shop...

For Sale Angers (49)
11 Rooms

690 000 €

Large 15th C. mansion at the gates of Angers

 Ref. 3515 Large manor for sale at the gates of Angers, France This interesting manor house benefits from close proximity to shops and major routes.              From a living space...

For Sale Rennes (35)
9 Rooms

689 000 €

Beautiful manor between Rennes and the Mont Saint Michel

Ref.3139 Beautiful 15th and 18th-C. manor for sale between Rennes and the Mont Saint Michel This interesting manor, reshaped through the centuries, inset in greenery in the border of...

For Sale Lisieux (14)
9 Rooms

670 000 €

Charming manor house in Normandy

 Ref. 3369 Charming manor house for sale in Normandy Located in the heart of Pays d'Auge area, at about 50km from Deauville, this charming manor benefits from the proximity of a village...

For Sale Bernay (27)
7 Rooms

630 000 €

Beautiful 14th and 15th C. manor house in Normandy

 Ref. 3347  Beautiful manor house for sale in Normandy Located away from a small village in the Pays d'Ouche, the property is surrounded by a pleasant countryside. Shops and services...

For Sale Lannion (22)
10 Rooms

626 000 €

Beautiful manor in Brittany.

Ref.3091 : French manor for sale in the Armor Coast.A beautiful gate marks the entrance to this property situated in the Armor Coast, on the quietness of the countryside. The beautiful...

For Sale Caen (14)
7 Rooms

600 000 €

Charming manor in Normandy

 Ref. 3423  Charming mansion for sale in Lower Normandy This property, located in the green countryside of Normandy, is not far from the city of Caen and the beaches of Cabourg and...

For Sale Guingamp (22)
6 Rooms

585 000 €

Superb 16th C. Breton manor, historical monument

 Ref. 3355  Super listed manor house for sale in Brittany The manor is nestled in lush greenery, in a lovely hilly countryside, at 12 minutes from a city with all amenities.   This...

For Sale Lannion (22)
5 Rooms

570 000 €

Interesting Listed 17th C. manor in Brittany

 Ref. 3529  Listed 17th C. manor for sale in Brittany The manor is set in the countryside, just a few minutes drive from a pleasant town with all shops and services, and beaches of...

For Sale Gacé (61)
9 Rooms

555 000 €

Elegant listed manor for sale in Normandy.

Ref.3484: beautiful manor for sale in Normandy (Orne department).This charming 17th century property is located in the North of the Orne department.Standing apart a small peaceful village,...

For Sale Le Mans (72)
12 Rooms

550 000 €

Pleasant manor in the Sarthe region.

Ref.3174 : French property for sale near Le Mans.This pleasant manor is located in the countryside, at about 20km west of Le Mans. Several surrounding villages offer shops and services....

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