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Belles demeures For sale France

For Sale Fontainebleau (77)
14 Rooms

3 950 000 €

Sumptuous Neo-Norman style property for sale in Seine-et-Marne.

Ref.3570 : Beautiful french house for sale 50 km from Paris.The property is located in the town of Barbizon, mythical place of pre-impressionist painting in France. This former  lumberjacks...

For Sale Fontainebleau (77)
50 Rooms

3 850 000 €

Templar farm build on 7,41 acres in Seine-et-Marne.

Ref.3348 : Charming french property for sale near Paris.The property is located at about 60 km at the South od Paris, in the heart of a touristic area and in the lovely countryside...

For Sale Fontainebleau (77)
17 Rooms

2 835 000 €

19th century dwelling on the edge of the Seine River.

Ref.3268 : French house for sale close to Paris.Built under the Second Empire, this charming dwelling is located in a village on the edge of the Seine river, at 45minutes from Paris...

For Sale Claye-Souilly (77)
37 Rooms

2 750 000 €

Beautiful architectural property near Paris.

Ref.3460: Charming property for sale near Paris. This estate is built on the banks of the Beuvronne river, in the small natural region of Goëlle, rural land devoted to cereal cultivation.Although...

For Sale Chantilly (60)
13 Rooms

2 625 000 €

Important farmhouse for sale in the Oise department at the gates of Chantilly.

Ref.3542 : Estate for sale at 50 km from Paris.The region is well known for its exceptional architectural heritage, national forests and passion for horses. The property is located...

For Sale Fontainebleau (77)
10 Rooms

2 620 000 €

Beautiful mill in Bellifontaine region

Ref. 3209 Beautiful 12th century mill in Bellifontaine regionAt only 1 hour drive South of Paris, near Fontainebleau, Moret-sur-Loing and Nemours, this beautiful property enjoys from...

For Sale Fontainebleau (77)
26 Rooms

2 500 000 €

Nice Anglo-Norman architectural ensemble near Fontainebleau

 Ref. 3399 Nice architectural ensemble for sale near Fontainebleau Located in a village South Seine-et-Marne department, near the highest tourist sites of Ile de France : Chateau of...

For Sale Noirmoutier-en-l'île (85)
22 Rooms

2 249 400 €

Exceptional property in Noirmoutier.

Ref.2972. This property, with an original architecture, situated between beaches and shops in a preserved high quality environment in Noirmoutier was sold by Cabinet Le Nail.The park...

For Sale Rouen (76)
16 Rooms

1 995 000 €

Extraordinary Anglo-Norman manor house in the loop of the Seine river

Ref. 3345 Manor house for sale that used to belong to Sacha GuitryLocated between Rouen and Honfleur, this amazing Anglo-Norman manor house is situated outside a village which offers...

For Sale Bergerac (24)
15 Rooms

1 975 000 €

Ravishing charterhouse in the Black Perigord.

Ref.3051 : Charterhouse for sale in Dordogne.A small route winds among the beautiful landscapes of Dordogne and leads to this charming completely renovated property. Its careful Owners...

For Sale Milly-la-Forêt (91)
16 Rooms

1 970 000 €

Ref.3424 : French house for sale in Essonne department.

Ref.3424 : French house for sale in Essonne department.This ancient manor house is located in a rural village, 3 km from Milly la Forêt in the Gâtinais Regional Natural Park. The town...

For Sale Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (94)
14 Rooms

1 858 000 €

Beautiful french house for sale 30 minutes away from Paris.

Ref.3198 : French property for sale on the banks of the Marne riverLocated 30 minutes from Paris, in the French department Val-de-Marne, this charming French house is built in a quiet...

For Sale Tours (37)
13 Rooms

1 560 000 €

Beautiful 19th century mansion a few minutes from Tours

Ref. 3503 Beautiful mansion for sale near Tours This beautiful 19th-century mansion, located a few minutes from the city center of Tours, benefits from a dominant position a few hundred...

For Sale Angers (49)
13 Rooms

1 500 000 €

Elegant and charming manor house on the gates of Angers

 Ref. 3481 Charming mansion for sale near Angers In a splendid hilly countryside, sheltered from nuisances, this property is only 15 km from the city center of Angers. It has many attractive...

For Sale Sarlat-la-Canéda (24)
11 Rooms

1 460 000 €

Splendid charterhouse for sale in the Dordogne Valley.

Ref.3592 : French house for sale in Dordogne.This elegant charterhouse overlooks a small picturesque village in the Dordogne Valley, a renowned tourist center. Spectacular chateaus...

For Sale Vernon (27)
13 Rooms

1 290 000 €

Beautiful property for sale in the Eure Valley.

Ref.3580 : french property for sale in Normandy. Overlooking a pretty village in the Eure valley, this beautiful house built in the 1920s is surrounded by a park of almost 4 hectares....

For Sale Tours (37)
15 Rooms

1 280 000 €

Tithe barn designed for receptions for sale in Touraine.

Ref.3248 : Property for sale close to Tours.Ideally located at the gates of Tours, this property is quickly accessible from the train station and the airport.This former 18th C. tithe...

For Sale Bernay (27)
10 Rooms

1 280 000 €

Beautiful property in Lower Normandy

 Ref. 3391 Beautiful property for sale in Lower Normandy Located in Eure department, on the borders of Calvados and Orne, this former 18th C. hunting lodge, well established in its...

For Sale Trun (61)
16 Rooms

1 250 000 €

Ravishing priory at the borders of Pays d'Auge.

Ref.3392 : French property for sale in Normandy.At about 2h30 drive from Paris, we discover this wonderful architectural whole set on the hillside. 6 km away, a small town offers the...

For Sale La Ferté-sous-Jouarre (77)
9 Rooms

1 250 000 €

Beautiful estate on the edge of Marne river

 Ref. 3441 Beautiful estate for sale on the edge of Marne river Located in Seine-et-Marne, the town where this property is located is the first to benefit from the Champagne appellation.The...

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