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Châteaux For sale France

For Sale Melun (77)
55 Rooms

6 490 000 €

Beautiful listed castle for sale close to Paris.

Ref.3496: French chateau for sale on the banks of the Seine.Located on the heights of the city prefecture of Seine et Marne, this chateau overlooks Melun and the Seine which crosses...

For Sale Nantes (44)
20 Rooms

6 360 000 €

Extraordinary french castle for sale in Loire Valley.

This extraordinary chateau for sale that belongs to the same family for a thousand years ago, is an authentic Loire Valley chateau situated on the Western edge of this royal river....

For Sale La Ferté-Alais (91)
30 Rooms

5 980 000 €

Renaissance style chateau at the South of Paris.

Ref.3290 : French chateau for sale near Paris.This beautiful property is located in the heart of the French Gâtinais natural regional' s park, located 25 miles at the South of Paris...

For Sale Voulx (77)
10 Rooms

5 550 000 €

Golf course with 18 holes and a 12th c. Templar farm build on 242 acres in Seine

Ref. 3359Ref. 3359 Golf course with 18 holes and Templar farm for sale in Seine-et-Marne This property is located South of the Seine et Marne, 1 hour from Paris, in the heart of the...

For Sale Poitiers (86)
22 Rooms

5 250 000 €

Beautiful french castle for sale near Poitiers.

Ref.3520: Elegant french chateau for sale in the Vienne department.This magnificent property is located at the gates of Poitiers. Shops are nearby as well as access to the highway,...

For Sale Vimoutiers (61)
22 Rooms

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Beautiful listed chateau for sale in Normandy, 46 mi from Deauville.

Ref.3342 : French chateau for sale in Orne department.This magnificent property is located 170km West of Paris, in a beautiful, preserved and wooded countryside. The main shops and...

For Sale Deauville (14)
20 Rooms

4 210 000 €

Outstanding listed property in Normandy.

Ref. 2817 Outstanding listed property for sale in Normandy This stunning property is located in a pleasant and wooded countryside close to the loops of the river Seine, on the Paris-Deauville...

For Sale Château-Gontier (53)
20 Rooms

3 990 000 €

Chateau de Magnanne, gift from Louis XIV

Ref.3171 : Beautiful french castle for sale in Haut-Anjou.Built in a lovely and peaceful environment, this chateau is easily accessible by the major roads. Only few minutes away from...

For Sale Aubigny-sur-Nère (18)
20 Rooms

3 950 000 €

Exceptional listed castle in Sologne

 Ref. 2313  Outstanding Listed Chateau for sale on the border of Sologne and Burgundy  The chateau is located 170 km straight South of Paris, in a nice wooded and peaceful area. This...

For Sale Angoulême (16)
15 Rooms

3 895 000 €

Exceptionnal estate of 254 acres in Charente.

Ref.3242 : French chateau for sale in Charente.This beautiful estate is located in the Charente, between Angoulême, Bordeaux and Périgueux, on the edge of two regions: Charente and...

For Sale Tours (37)
17 Rooms

3 400 000 €

Beautiful 15th and 19th century chateau near Tours

Ref. 3531 Beautiful chateau and its 222acres of land (90ha) for sale South Tours The property is located 40 minutes South of Tours. On a hillside overlooking a small wooded valley,...

For Sale Laval (53)
15 Rooms

3 400 000 €

Superb castle Historic Monument for sale in the Pays de la Loire

Ref.3132: French listed castle for sale with its chapel. The chateau is situated in the Mayenne department, about 161miles West from Paris by motorway. Paris is 1h15 away by train....

For Sale La Roche-sur-Yon (85)
30 Rooms

3 350 000 €

Listed french castle for sale near the sea, in Pays de la Loire.

Ref.3364 : Beautiful french chateau for sale near the sea.This nice 17th century property is located at the edge of a small city, near the vendéene cost. All the shops and facilities...

For Sale Tournan-en-Brie (77)
27 Rooms

3 250 000 €

19th century chateau and its numerous outbuildings on 61 acres (25ha)

 Ref. 3467  19th C. chateau and its outbuildings for sale near Paris This chateau is located in the countryside of Seine-et-Marne, less than an hour from Paris, on the edge of a village...

For Sale Lisieux (14)
25 Rooms

3 250 000 €

Exceptional listed castle for sale in Normandy (Calvados).

Ref.3550 : Chateau for sale in Normandy.The chateau is located in the East of the department of Calvados, in natural land of the Pays d'Auge, overlooking the Touques valley, whose river...

For Sale Vernon (27)
32 Rooms

3 150 000 €

Stunning 17th Century Chateau in Normandy near Paris.

Ref.2620. Stunning 17th century chateau for sale in NormandyThis special property is located 75 km West from Paris, with really easy access by highway/train.The Seine river valley was...

For Sale Montignac (24)
30 Rooms

2 990 000 €

Beautiful chateau for sale in Dordogne.

Ref.3487 : Beautiful french castle for sale in Dordogne. This property enjoys a geographical location of quality, just a few minutes from major tourist sites. The small town nearby...

For Sale La Roche-sur-Yon (85)
18 Rooms

2 968 000 €

Beautiful listed 18th century chateau in Vendee

Ref. 3201 Beautiful listed 18th century chateau for sale in VendeeThis beautiful listed chateau is located in the North of Vendee near a small village with shops and services. Built...

For Sale Rennes (35)
23 Rooms

2 850 000 €

Large listed 15th and 17th c. Manor house in Britany

 Ref. 3387  Large listed manor house for sale near Rennes This important manor , former property of the Bishops of Rennes, enjoys both the benefits of the countryside and the advantages...

For Sale Le Mans (72)
8 Rooms

2 778 000 €

Rare domain with equestrian facility of 95ha in the Sarthe

Ref. 3413 Rare estate with an equestrian complex for sale in SartheThis remarkably located property, easily accessible by the A11 motorway at 10km and TGV station at 20km. A charming...

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