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Castle for sale Poitou charentes

For Sale Poitiers (86)
22 Rooms

5 250 000 €

Beautiful french castle for sale near Poitiers.

Ref.3520: Elegant french chateau for sale in the Vienne department.This magnificent property is located at the gates of Poitiers. Shops are nearby as well as access to the highway,...

For Sale Cognac (16)
25 Rooms

3 950 000 €

Vast listed chateau for sale near Cognac.

Ref.3282 : French castle for sale in Charente.Set in a residential area of one of the most beautiful towns of Charente, this exceptional listed 19th C. chateau benefits from a quiet...

For Sale Angoulême (16)
15 Rooms

3 895 000 €

Exceptionnal estate of 254 acres in Charente.

Ref.3242 : French chateau for sale in Charente.This beautiful estate is located in the Charente, between Angoulême, Bordeaux and Périgueux, on the edge of two regions: Charente and...

For Sale La Roche-Posay (86)
14 Rooms

2 215 000 €

Beautiful french chateau for sale in the South of Touraine.

Ref.3147 : French castle for sale in Touraine.Situated in a magnificent and quite unspoilt location, at the borders of Indre and Indre-et-Loire regions, the chateau is only some minutes...

For Sale Angoulême (16)
14 Rooms

1 990 000 €

Beautiful listed chateau for sale in Poitou-Charentes.

Ref.3142 : french castle for sale in Poitou-Charentes.This beautiful chateau is situated in the countryside, in the Angoulême region, at the end of a nice avenue hidden from neighbours...

For Sale Poitiers (86)
30 Rooms

1 950 000 €

French chateau for sale with 341 acres in Southern Touraine.

Ref.3226 : French chateau for sale.This 19th C. chateau is located in Southern Touraine, not far from the motorway A10, the train station and a few minutes away from all amenities....

For Sale Niort (79)
14 Rooms

1 597 500 €

Beautiful 19th C. chateau near Niort

 Ref. 3383 Beautiful chateau for sale near Niort Set in a dominant position with a magnificent view of the valley, this chateau is located near the motorway A10 and the TGV and few...

For Sale Poitiers Poitou charente (86)
15 Rooms

1 350 000 €

Beautiful french chateau from the early 19th century for sale in Poitou region.

Ref.2554 : Beautiful chateau from early 19th century for sale near Poitiers.This property for sale is located in the Vienne department near the city of Poitiers (motorway, TGV) in the...

For Sale Niort (79)
11 Rooms

1 330 000 €

Beautiful french chateau for sale in Deux-Sèvres department

Ref.3312 : French property for sale close to Niort.Located between Poitiers and Niort, 46 mi from the sea, this chateau is set in a peaceful and preserved countryside. The nearby town...

For Sale Cognac (16)
17 Rooms

1 099 000 €

Nice small chateau in Charente.

Ref.3124 : French chateau for sale in Charente.Built in the heart of the Cognac vineyards, in a hilly and wooded countryside, this small chateau is situated close to shops and benefits...

For Sale Poitiers (86)
12 Rooms

985 000 €

Listed french caslte in Vienne department

Ref.3102 : French listed chateau for sale close to Poitiers.Built on a dominant position and opened to a beautiful view over the valley, the château is easy accessible by the A10 motorway...

For Sale Angoulême (16)
22 Rooms

890 000 €

Beautiful chateau at the borders of Charente and Dordogne regions

 Ref. 3471  Beautiful chateau for sale in Angouleme area Situated between Angoulême and Perigueux, in the Green Perigord, this beautiful 17th and 19th centuries chateau enjoys from...

For Sale Poitiers (86)
21 Rooms

890 000 €

Beautiful chateau at 35 minutes from Poitiers.

Ref.3429 : French property for sale in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.Quiet, well protected by its walls, this 18th - 19th-century chateau is located 35 minutes from the A10 motorway and from the...

For Sale Loudun (86)
10 Rooms

862 000 €

Beautiful listed commandery South of Touraine

Ref. 3241 Listed 13th and 15th C. commandery between Chinon and SaumurAt the end of a beautiful avenue, bordering a small pond, one can see this splendid 13th and 15th C. commandery...

For Sale Montmorillon (86)
22 Rooms

850 000 €

Chateau for sale in the South of Vienne.

Ref.3500: French chateau for sale near Montmorillon. In the South of Vienne, at the end of a beautiful private driveway, away from noise pollution and out of sight, is built this chateau...

For Sale Parthenay (79)
12 Rooms

798 000 €

Listed 11th century fortified walls and its 15th century dwelling in Poitou.

Ref.3180 : Listed property in the heart of Poitou region.In a small medieval city in the heart of Deux-Sèvres, in the shelter of its high walls, this former fortress from the 11th and...

For Sale Poitiers (86)
16 Rooms

795 000 €

Beautiful chateau in Poitou-Charentes.

Ref.3061 : French 19th century chateau for sale in Poitou-Charentes.Close to a small village, built in dominant position, the chateau opens to a nice view over the countryside and the...

For Sale Montmorillon (86)
15 Rooms

685 000 €

Chateau and its outbuildings on 103 acres

 Réf. 3443 Chateau and its outbuildings for sale South Vienne This property, which would be perfect for a Bed and Breakfast and reception activity, is located South of the Vienne. This...

For Sale Ruffec (16)
11 Rooms

650 000 €

Charming dwelling for sale in Charente.

Ref.3294 : French house for sale in Charente. Set in a small hamlet with a group of houses and buildings of great architectural quality, all restored, the dwelling benefits from a beautiful...

For Sale Montmorillon (86)
15 Rooms

477 000 €

Chateau in the countryside, in Vienne department.

Ref.3240 : French property for sale.This charming 19th century chateau is located near a small village, in a quiet countryside. The city of Montmorillon, with its shops and services,...

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