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Castle for sale Haute normandie

For Sale Vernon (27)
32 Rooms

3 150 000 €

Stunning 17th Century Chateau in Normandy near Paris.

Ref.2620. Stunning 17th century chateau for sale in NormandyThis special property is located 75 km West from Paris, with really easy access by highway/train.The Seine river valley was...

For Sale Rouen (76)
13 Rooms

1 760 000 €

Beautiful chateau for sale in Normandy (19th century).

Ref.2484. French castle for sale in Normandy.Located about 90 mi West from Paris and 12 mi from Rouen (110,000 inhabitants), this property for sale benefits from a privileged setting...

For Sale Rouen (76)
15 Rooms

1 700 000 €

Elegant 19th century chateau in Normandy, near Rouen.

Ref.2365. Elegant 19th century chateau for sale in Upper NormandyBeautiful 19th century property 20km north of Rouen in a superb undulated and wooded countryside.With a living space...

For Sale Pont-Audemer (27)
34 Rooms

1 650 000 €

Beautiful listed property 99 mi away from Paris.

Ref.2937. French listed castle for sale in Normandy.This very beautiful property is situated in Normandy, in a nice countryside environment on the Paris-Deauville route. The property...

For Sale Lyons-la-ForÍt (27)
21 Rooms

1 380 000 €

Interesting 19th century chateau in Normandy.

Ref. 2604 Interesting 19th century chateau for sale in NormandyA lovely river runs accross this beautiful property located in Normandy, on the edge of a small village, 15 mi from the...

For Sale Dieppe (76)
14 Rooms

950 000 €

Charming 19th C. Chateau in Normandy at 12km from the sea

†Ref. 3341 Charming chateau for sale in NormandyIdeally located at 12km from the pier of Dieppe for Brighton (G.B) and at 180km from Paris, the castle is located in the heart of a village...

For Sale Bernay (27)
12 Rooms

890 000 €

Elegant chateau in Bernay's country

†Ref. 3425 Elegant chateau for sale in Normandy†This charming property, period Restoration, is located in the West of the department of Eure. Away from a small peaceful village, it...

For Sale Rouen (76)
17 Rooms

860 000 €

Beautiful property and its private island at the borders of La Seine.

Ref.3482: French property for sale 100 km from Paris.This property with character is located in Normandy on the road link of Paris-Deauville in a beautiful residential environment of...

For Sale Rouen (76)
15 Rooms

700 000 €

Beautiful listed property in Normandy

Ref. 3571 Beautiful listed property for sale in Normandy†This beautiful property set in a quiet countryside is located at 60 km from Deauville and 140 km from Paris. A village with...

For Sale Rouen (76)
1 Room

270 000 €

French chateau to restore for sale in Normandy.

Ref.3324 : Property to restore in France, 145km from Paris.This chateau is located in a small and quiet village, close to the church dated from the same period.Rouen is 35 km away and...

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